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Corona Loves to Eat is a family-owned Mexican Food Truck that offers a wide selection of traditional Mexican recipes made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. We're passionate about sharing the flavors of our heritage with our community, and that's the reason why we started out food truck service. We think that everyone should have access to authentic Mexican cuisine, and our food truck is the way we deliver that experience to your doorstep!

Corona Loves to Eat Seating Area
Corona Loves to Eat - Customers

We LOVE Our Customers

At Corona Loves to Eat, we are passionate about creating authentic, delicious Mexican dishes that our customers will love. We use fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods to ensure the highest quality and flavor in every bite. But what really sets us apart is our love for our customers. We are dedicated to providing excellent service and creating a welcoming atmosphere that keeps our customers coming back for more.


Original Recipes

Fresh Lettuce
Chile verde
Fresh Tomatoes
Hot Chile
Yellow corn

At Corona Loves to Eat, we bring our customers the most authentic and original Mexican flavors from our food truck. Our recipes are passed down from generation to generation, and we hold true to the traditional way of cooking. When you stop by our truck, you can expect to get the real taste of Mexico, with all the fresh ingredients and homemade salsas you crave. Come by and try our delicious tacos, burritos and tortas  today.

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